The Children’s Lunchbox is a program within Bean’s Café that helps to feed children in the Anchorage school district and after school programs in our community. The programs goal is to provide fresh, healthy meals to kids throughout the school year through in school lunch programs and after school programs. They also sponsor a program to provide “just a little extra” a weekend food program that is currently offered at 5 Anchorage elementary schools.  Children in poverty often receive their main meals at school; this program aims to send food home on Friday with children to help them get through the weekend.

In the U.S. one in five children does not have enough food to eat, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We have the resources and the program to end childhood hunger, what we lack is an awareness of who is affected and how it impacts the development of kids.

New strategies are being implemented to provide healthier food in schools which include school gardens, farm to school programs, scratch cooking, and nutrition education.

When children are hungry at school they have trouble focusing and can exhibit behavioral problems.  Hunger can affect long-term health, academic achievement, and economic prosperity. These factors can lead to a less competitive American workforce and higher healthcare costs.

Everyone has a stake in the success of future generation and no child should suffer the stress of being hungry.



2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. I like the way your blog looks so far with the eye catching graphics and the neat, clean appearance. The content is also informative and interesting. One thing I realized when reading about The Children’s Lunch Box program is the common issue of funding that it shares with many other advocacy groups. You mentioned that The Children’s Lunch Box program should be able to partner with the Farm to School program to obtain state and federal funding. I would be interested in learning how you think they should go about making that happen. Do you think they should lobby the state and federal governments to make that happen? Would they have to raise money to hire a lobbyist?

  2. I think they should hire a lobbyist, or even better if they could find a lobbyist who would do some pro bono lobbying. In my next post I am going to discuss that the State had a pilot grant program in 2013 that has been renewed for 2014 that provides grant monies to schools to purchase food that is Alaskan grown. I am going to try and advocate that we can feed kids but feed them quality food that will also benefit the Alaskan economy and help Alaska expand local food production. They could easily expand this grant program to include the nonprofits that are committed to feeding needy children, like the Children’s Lunchbox.

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