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Children’s Lunchbox is a program administered by Bean’s Café, a non-profit organization that feeds the hungry, its goal is to help feed children in the Anchorage school district that have been identified as at risk for food security.

The program’s goal is to provide fresh, healthy meals to kids throughout the school year through school lunch programs and after school programs. The Children’s Lunch Box also sponsors a program that provides weekend food for children. Children in poverty often receive their main meals at school; this program aims to send food home on Friday with the children to help them get through the weekend.

When children are hungry they have trouble focusing and can exhibit behavioral problems.  Hunger can affect long-term health, academic achievement, and economic prosperity.These factors can lead to a less competitive American workforce and higher healthcare costs.

Everyone has a stake in the success of future generations and no child should suffer the stress of being hungry. In the U.S. one in five children does not have enough food to eat.

In the U.S. we have the resources and the programs to end childhood hunger, what we lack are: awareness of who is affected, the impact hunger has on the development of kids, and an awareness of the economic benefits of investing in the future of children.  More resources need to be allocated to the food programs that are in place.

New strategies are being implemented to provide healthier food in schools which include school gardens, farm to school programs, scratch cooking, and nutrition education. These new strategies along with the existing government and non-profit agency programs already in place can solve the problem of childhood hunger.

In Alaska schools have already begun to participate in farm to school programs.  This is a win-win for all Alaskans, it provides healthy food to school children, supports Alaska business and the economy, and would allow farms in Alaska to expand creating more food security for all.  Advocacy groups like the Children’s Lunch Box should be able to partner with the farm to school program and obtain funding from the state and federal government.




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  1. Andrea,
    I love the layout of your blog along with the graphic for the title. The Children’s Lunch Box sounds like a good program especially if they are giving food to children to help get them through the weekend.

    I’m just curious if you have ever seen a hot lunch meal that is served in our schools? The ones that are served in Eagle River are really pathetic and I am surprised that they pass as a suitable meal for a child. School hot lunches now days are not the school hot lunches I had.

    Everything now days is prepackage almost like a tv dinner. I remember going through the hot lunch line at school and actually having a pretty decent meal, now days it is way different.

    • I have not personally seen the lunches served at the schools, but I have heard they are not good. I plan on addressing that issue in another post. The State had a pilot grant in 2013 that has been renewed for 2014 that provided grant monies to schools to purchase food that is Alaskan grown. I am going to try and advocate that we can feed kids but feed them quality food that will also benefit the Alaskan economy and help Alaska expand local food production.

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